Shopware: BaseURL in Email Template

You need the base url of your shopware shop, root url, domain of the sales channel – yes that is for SEO, so I find next time my own post to copy paste the solution: Just in case you don’t know what happens: salesChannel is imho always passed to the mails. We take the sales“Shopware: BaseURL in Email Template” weiterlesen

SW6: Overwrite outer block but not inner

Shopware 6 is running on Symfony. Symfony is running on twig. Therefore the Shopware 6 default template is implemented in twig, which is pretty cool and provides a lot of syntactic sugar. I want to overwrite <div class=”col-auto”> and add a second css class. Two weeks ago I would have copied the complete block, changed“SW6: Overwrite outer block but not inner” weiterlesen