Renaming Shopware 6 Plugins

You want to rename the name of your plugin you can find when running: This is easy, change the name of your “base class” which is defined in your composer.json, e.g. from to But it isn’t applied? That cost me nearly an hour. What didn’t help bin/console clean:cache composer install bin/console plugin:refresh Removing the template“Renaming Shopware 6 Plugins” weiterlesen

Shopware 6 – How to mysqldump

mysqldump –quick -C –hex-blob –single-transaction –quick, -q This option is useful for dumping large tables. It forces mysqldump to retrieve rows for a table fromthe server a row at a time rather than retrieving the entire row set and buffering it in memorybefore writing it out.–compress, -C Compress all information sent between the client and“Shopware 6 – How to mysqldump” weiterlesen

Why I think you can’t overwrite translations in SW6

I’m building a Shopware 6 shop and we implement a custom theme for our customer. To change the HTML structure we change templates, which is fine, but from time to time we only want to replace a translation, so I tried it. Use your own translation and “just do it” Shopware 6 has a good“Why I think you can’t overwrite translations in SW6” weiterlesen

SW6: Overwrite outer block but not inner

Shopware 6 is running on Symfony. Symfony is running on twig. Therefore the Shopware 6 default template is implemented in twig, which is pretty cool and provides a lot of syntactic sugar. I want to overwrite <div class=”col-auto”> and add a second css class. Two weeks ago I would have copied the complete block, changed“SW6: Overwrite outer block but not inner” weiterlesen