Shopware: Debug SQL Queries on the CLI

You are trying to debug a Command, ScheduledTask or Message on the queue? Symfony Profiler and toolbar For the frontend it is easy, you can just use the Symfony Profiler – easily activated by turning on the dev mode. This can be done, by changing APP_ENV=”prod” to APP_ENV=”dev” in your .env file. And then you“Shopware: Debug SQL Queries on the CLI” weiterlesen

Shopware 6 – How to mysqldump

mysqldump –quick -C –hex-blob –single-transaction –quick, -q This option is useful for dumping large tables. It forces mysqldump to retrieve rows for a table fromthe server a row at a time rather than retrieving the entire row set and buffering it in memorybefore writing it out.–compress, -C Compress all information sent between the client and“Shopware 6 – How to mysqldump” weiterlesen