Shopware: Save new entity – don’t use getVars()

I’m a Magento developer and therefore I save entities. I’m used to it and using a class to set all properties on it is a great way to interact with an entity. Shopware doesn’t. To create a new entity you call create on a repository and pass an array to it. Like this example from…

Shopware: Automation around documents

One of our customers wanted us to import their invoices from their ERP system. And although Shopware is able to use custom pdf files for their invoices, there is no automation yet to do this. To create an invoice with a custom pdf file you need to do the following: Invocie number must be unique…

Shopware: BaseURL in Email Template

You need the base url of your shopware shop, root url, domain of the sales channel – yes that is for SEO, so I find next time my own post to copy paste the solution: Just in case you don’t know what happens: salesChannel is imho always passed to the mails. We take the sales…

Shopware: Rule not showing up (Grand Total vs Total)

Today I learned… If you create rules and want to use them inside of promotions you are not allowed to use Grand Total but Total in your conditions. Which totally makes sense, because applying the promotion changes the grand total. So make sure to use Total:

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