Shopware 6: Putting Payment Methods in the Shipping Method space

This blogpost is based on Shopware version One of our customers had the requirement to implement a couple of additional, “special” payment methods. Because this increased the number of payment methods in the shop to 12 in total, the customer suggested to spread the payment methods out to both sides of the checkout, using“Shopware 6: Putting Payment Methods in the Shipping Method space” weiterlesen

JIRA: No ticket is finished if SmartList not finished

We are using a plugin for JIRA called Smart Checklist for Jira. Pro. With this plugin we can have TODO-Lists on Tickets. Often it makes sense for us to not create subtasks for each little requirement, because tickets come with a lot of bureaucracy and if the ticket takes more time to finish it, then“JIRA: No ticket is finished if SmartList not finished” weiterlesen

Shopware 6: Finding events

This blogpost is written based on Shopware You are looking for an event inside of Shopware 6? And don’t know how to start? Here are a few tipps and tricks how I find events when I look for them Event Classes Inside of Showare exist a few container classes for event names. The most“Shopware 6: Finding events” weiterlesen

Shopware 6: Checkout and Context

While surfing your awesome online store, you always has a context on yourself. The context contains a lot of interesting stuff: For me the important stuff and mind blowing is, that the context contains: With all the informations you can create easily an order. For example the default checkout has on the review step (the“Shopware 6: Checkout and Context” weiterlesen

Shopware 6: Monitoring Queue on Stage with a bitbucket pipeline, Part 2

The first part about how to find all the Shopware 6.5 instances can be found here. This part is about how to monitor the queue My goal is to know, when a queue on our staging server is not working properly. The idea is simple, I loop over all Shopware 6.5+ instances and collect the“Shopware 6: Monitoring Queue on Stage with a bitbucket pipeline, Part 2” weiterlesen

Shopware 6: Finding Shopware 6.5 instances – Monitoring Queue on Stage, Part 1

On one of our staging instances we had the problem, that the SEO urls didn’t get generated. Long story short: The problem was, that the queue worker didn’t work. Why? Because from shopware 6.4 to 6.5 the default queue was renamed from “default” to “async” and from 6.5 we need to set the queue name“Shopware 6: Finding Shopware 6.5 instances – Monitoring Queue on Stage, Part 1” weiterlesen

Shopware 6: How to URL

A colleague wrote a plugin and the customer said, the translation doesn’t work. Our plugin loads more data via a form and AJAX. The problem: Always queries base url The problem is, that our JS plugin always queries the base url instead of so Shopware didn’t had any chance to find the correct“Shopware 6: How to URL” weiterlesen

Vue.js: $refs only on parent

TIL (Today I learned) that on Vue.js if you give a DOM element/vue component it is only saved on the $parent.$refs. I’m writing this down, because coming from Magento 1, my assumption was, that $refs is some kind of a library or singleton, so I can find ALLE components in it – this is not“Vue.js: $refs only on parent” weiterlesen

Shopware 6: Order Events and Versioning

This blogpost is written with Shopware version in mind. We are currently working on a plugin which adjusts a couple of order values after an order has been placed. While digging into the code, my colleague Carl and me found some astonishing stuff that’s actually quite hard to understand. Therefore don’t trust anything you“Shopware 6: Order Events and Versioning” weiterlesen

Shopware 6: (No) services on plugin install

After improving my payment plugin the other day, I ran into an error – or so I thought. You have requested a non-existent service service.alias I tried to import translations for my payment method while installing the plugin. To do this, I wrote a service to read the JSON translation files and give me the“Shopware 6: (No) services on plugin install” weiterlesen