Shopware: Debug SQL Queries on the CLI

You are trying to debug a Command, ScheduledTask or Message on the queue? Symfony Profiler and toolbar For the frontend it is easy, you can just use the Symfony Profiler – easily activated by turning on the dev mode. This can be done, by changing APP_ENV=“prod“ to APP_ENV=“dev“ in your .env file. And then you„Shopware: Debug SQL Queries on the CLI“ weiterlesen

MessengerPass::getServiceClass() must be of the type string, null returned

You are implement a scheduled task in Shopware 6 and get a weird error message? Then you maybe copied the classnames of your TaskHandler and/or Task with a \ prefix. This is wrong: This is correct: The difference? The id: I hope this helps someone 🙂

Shopware 6: ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‚flatpickr‘

Good morning! Yesterday it took me half a day to get the working. The problem was that the error „ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‚flatpickr’“ was thrown and I had no clue why. And after running down the rabbit hole the funny developer-game started „which of the many changes was the one„Shopware 6: ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‚flatpickr‘“ weiterlesen

Symfony 6, Doctrine, DateTime and microseconds

Doctrine isn’t yet able to handle microseconds, if I understand correctly, especially because they are not sure how to handle the on the difference database management systems. But thankfully it is relatively simple to implement our own type (or overwrite the datetime type). Implement your own type Thanks to flauschi, I was able to adapt„Symfony 6, Doctrine, DateTime and microseconds“ weiterlesen

Cypress: Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression – How to escape

I’m writing Cypress tests for our first hopefully-soon-to-be-purchased Shopware plugin and stumbled over: The problem? Cypress is using jQuery internally and therefore you need to escape the parameter for cy.get properly. Thankfully K K Agrawal wrote a blogpost about how to do that! He added a method to do it but unfortunately no easy to„Cypress: Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression – How to escape“ weiterlesen

Shopware 6 and Paw

I’m just writing a little plugin and for some reason the API is not returning the seo_urls on a product – once I fiddled out the reason for that hopefully I write another blog post. But for the moment I need to debug the Shopware 6 API and the result. Copying over the API call„Shopware 6 and Paw“ weiterlesen

Shopware 6.3: Don’t share caches between deployments

We had a problem today and no clue, where it came from. There was no way to reproduce it locally. PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare interface Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection, because the name is already in use in /var/www/ on line 13 This happens, because we wanted to share the caching directory between deployments. Don’t do that. Maybe„Shopware 6.3: Don’t share caches between deployments“ weiterlesen