Shopware: Landingpage outside of Shopware and „add to cart“

First things first: Don’t. This is a bad idea, because it lacks tracking, cookie consent and most likely more things, you just get for free if you implement either just a nice landing page inside of Shopware or if you need more liberty have your own controller and template (with all the benefits, like extending„Shopware: Landingpage outside of Shopware and „add to cart““ weiterlesen

Shopify: Update Variant prices for markets/countries

We want to update prices for a Variant for a single market, but my research says, that neither Shopify itself can do this via CSV import, nor the awesome Matrixify App we use. But the Matrixify support says it should work. I couldn’t make it work, but give it a try! So I dig into„Shopify: Update Variant prices for markets/countries“ weiterlesen

Shopify private app – get started

The documentation of shopify APIs is pretty good. Unfortunately I failed miserably to authenticate – and this is because from my point of view the naming of the PHP client is wrong – at least for private apps. Big shout out to Fatih Samur whos blog entry helped me a lot! This is the app„Shopify private app – get started“ weiterlesen

Maxcluster: cluster-control restart PHP with deployer

Most of our customers are hosted on maxcluster. And thanks to their cluster-control one can automate a lot of things using it. For example restarting PHP after deployment. You don’t want this on a production environment, but sometimes it might make sense to have it on a stage machine.

Migrating passwords from your old store to Shopify/BigCommerce/any SaaS …

It is not possible – isn’t it? Shopify is stating on their webite, that they can’t import passwords and the recommended way to migrate customers is to send them an invite/activation link. I’m sure you can imagine that you’ll lose a lot of customer accounts by doing this. That means as well you might lose„Migrating passwords from your old store to Shopify/BigCommerce/any SaaS …“ weiterlesen

Shopware: Debug SQL Queries on the CLI

You are trying to debug a Command, ScheduledTask or Message on the queue? Symfony Profiler and toolbar For the frontend it is easy, you can just use the Symfony Profiler – easily activated by turning on the dev mode. This can be done, by changing APP_ENV=“prod“ to APP_ENV=“dev“ in your .env file. And then you„Shopware: Debug SQL Queries on the CLI“ weiterlesen

MessengerPass::getServiceClass() must be of the type string, null returned

You are implement a scheduled task in Shopware 6 and get a weird error message? Then you maybe copied the classnames of your TaskHandler and/or Task with a \ prefix. This is wrong: This is correct: The difference? The id: I hope this helps someone 🙂

Shopware 6: ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‚flatpickr‘

Good morning! Yesterday it took me half a day to get the working. The problem was that the error „ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‚flatpickr’“ was thrown and I had no clue why. And after running down the rabbit hole the funny developer-game started „which of the many changes was the one„Shopware 6: ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‚flatpickr‘“ weiterlesen