Shopware: Debug SQL Queries on the CLI

You are trying to debug a Command, ScheduledTask or Message on the queue?

Symfony Profiler and toolbar

For the frontend it is easy, you can just use the Symfony Profiler – easily activated by turning on the dev mode.

This can be done, by changing APP_ENV="prod" to APP_ENV="dev" in your .env file.

And then you have a toolbar in the footer which opens this:

Screenshot of the symfony profiler, Doctrine/SQL section

SQL Queries on the CLI

But for the CLI it is not so easy. It took me a while to figure it out, but with this post from Alex on stackoverflow I got the right hint.

I have the problem, that @Alex doesn’t work for me, because on dev, Shopware is interfering at two positions:


So I just hacked the core:


And added the few lines directly into DebugStack:

public function startQuery($sql, ?array $params = null, ?array $types = null): void

    $doctrineExtension = new \Shopware\Core\Profiling\Twig\DoctrineExtension();
    echo $doctrineExtension->replaceQueryParameters(
            array_merge($params ?? array())
        ) . ';' . PHP_EOL;

    parent::startQuery($sql, $params, $types);

But don’t try this with the frontend 😂 Or you end up with this:

Screenshot of a webpage filled with SQL queries and the symfony error screen.

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