Shopware 6: Showing gross prices, net price, taxes and calculations

Our solution for the problem

TIL: You can configure the price display on the customer group!

This looks like this:

What is this all about?

If you change this settings at least two important things happen:

  1. The prices shown to the customer (group) is changed between with and without tax
  2. The price base changes

For Gross the gross price is fixed, for Net, the net price is fixed.


We have a toy which costs 100€ net price. In Germany the current VAT is 19%, therefore the gross price is 119€.

If the setting is Gross, and we want to buy this toy, the following happens:

We add the toy to the cart, the gross price is 119€, we go to the checkout and choose Greek as our destination, so the tax changes from 19% to 24%. Now the gross price is still 119€, but the tax raises from 19€ to 23,03€, so the merchant earns less, because the net price drops from 100€ to 95,97€.

If we change the setting to Net, and we go to the checkout, the price changes from 119€ to 124€, now the net price is still 100€ (so the merchant still earns the same) and the tax raises from 19€ to 24€.

One-Stop-Shop (OSS)

The implementation works good and I assume it solves most problems for B2B, but our problem is OSS. So we need to change the taxes for B2C customers. So what we want and can’t get currently is:

  • show gross prices to customer everywhere
  • change the gross price on the checkout based on the tax rate

Currently we try to hack this by changing the calculated price, wish us luck! Once this works, we’ll update the blogpost.

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